About us

We are a law firm based in Poznań with a branch office in Zielona Góra. We specialise in legal support to companies in many areas of law, in particular: corporate law, contract law, real estate law, investment law, tax law, insurance law, administrative law, civil procedure law and private international law.

We protect and assist companies in the provision of legal and tax advisory services. Together with the team of KPPW TAX, we can ensure that our clients receive a professional service in the field of accounting and human resource management. We also represent our clients in court proceedings in both ordinary courts and administrative courts.

We handle a wide range of legal fields, including:


  • implementation of solutions that minimize legal risks,
  • audits,
  • proposing solutions to compliance-related issues.

Labour and Social Security Law

  • establishing, terminating and modifying employment relationships, including during company restructuring,
  • drafting and negotiating agreements with trade unions, work, remuneration and bonus regulations, management contracts, and non-competition agreements,
  • advisory services in the field of labour and safety protection,
  • representation in labour courts and assistance in control procedures conducted by the public social insurance organisations.

Conversions, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • due diligence in restructuring, merging or dividing companies,
  • representation of clients involved in restructuring, mergers and division in courts and administrative bodies,
  • preparation of necessary documentation,
  • expert opinions on restructuring, mergers or division proceedings in relation to a particular entrepreneur.

Restructuring Advisory Services

  • development of restructuring arrangements, preparation of settlement proposals, conclusion and fulfilment of settlements,
  • development of restructuring plans, as well as their implementation and supervision,
  • preparation and execution of proceedings in preparation for liquidation (pre-pack transactions),
  • representation of clients in restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

Tax Advisory Services

  • representation in proceedings in administrative authorities: control, tax, court, administrative and enforcement proceedings,
  • tax optimisation for investment and restructuring projects,
  • advice on transfer prices and preparation of transfer price documentation,
  • ongoing tax advisory services,
  • conducting tax audits.

Advisory Services for Corporate Entities

  • choosing optimal legal forms for business activity,
  • preparation of constitutional documents for new companies, including memorandums of association and articles of association,
  • representation of clients in proceedings in registration bodies,
  • legal due diligence.

Combating Unfair Competition

  • legal representation and preparation of pleadings, as well as settlements in unfair competition matters,
  • assessment of market practices in terms of legality and compliance with applicable domestic and international law,
  • advisory services related to unfair competition, including the identification of unfair or prohibited advertising, and the use of misleading designations for companies or products.

Transport and Logistics

  • international and domestic transport law,
  • litigation in connection with transport, forwarding and logistics,
  • through close cooperation with KPPW TAX we offer continuous registration of drivers’ working hours.

Energy Technology and Renewable Energy Sources

  • representation in proceedings for obtaining concessions for production, trading, transmission, distribution or storage of fuels or energy,
  • conducting legal due diligence for energy projects (wind power and solar power plants),
  • representation in proceedings before the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Authority (URE),
  • advice and assistance in investment proceedings concerning renewable energy sources,
  • advisory services for greenfield projects.

Environmental Protection Law

  • advisory services for investment implementation and investment and construction measures requiring consideration of environmental protection law,
  • assessment of legal risks associated with a company’s impact on the environment,
  • obtaining integrated environmental permits, permits for the discharge of gas and/or dust into the air, and permits for waste generation,
  • representation in courts and before authorities.

Data Protection

  • conducting audits preceding the implementation of personal data protection documentation,
  • risk analyses in relation to the processing of personal data,
  • preparation of documentation in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. (GDPR),
  • personal data protection training for persons authorised to process personal data.

Insurance Law

  • examination of insurance contracts,
  • representation in courts for insurance matters.
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